Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kitchen scenes

This post was prompted by Emily's comment. You can check out John Huck's breakfast portraits at Food photography - not, in this case, of food itself, but with the people who eat it, relate to it, obsess over it, are disgusted by it, are content to read the paper with anything in front of them as long as by anything you mean coffee - this sort of photography, is endlessly interesting to me.

The photographs here are the ones that first made me think about food in high school. They are part of a collection published as Elsa's Housebook by Elsa Dorfman, who photographed the people around her while she went to Radcliffe College in the early 70s. My favorites are the ones in kitchen, of which there are quite a few. (Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso at the kitchen table!) You can look at other photographs from her book here.

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