Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eternally yours,

These are busy times for Bread and Butter. Only quiet tables and stoop picnics cut the city heat. But I've got a little something for you. Diner Journal. Check it out. I'll be writing for their website about the meat program at their awesome restaurants. And the quarterly journal is really a treat for the intellect and the eyes. I know you'll like it. Interviews, features on oysters, a saucy centerfold, recipes - it's enough to make a over-heated, sluggish city girl jump for joy.

It even comes in handy on date night. Last weekend, Andrew and I made a small move-in feast. Hand-rolled cous cous with chile powder, raisins, and fried onions. A salad of tomato, basil and fennel. And an indoors adaption of Diner Journal's Grilled Squid with Eggplant, a toothsome mix, especially when generously accompanied by garlic and rosemary. Get your copy of the newly arrived summer issue, and you too can eat like Diner.

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