Friday, June 27, 2008

Sauced (BBQ)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I forget how I came across your blog but I just wanted to let you know that I think it's so refershing. Food blogs have been my thing this summer. While I love reading about the various facets of food, all the souped-up, 'look-at-all-the-features-my-20mp-digital-camera-has-that-enable-this-apple-tart-to-look-beyond-spectacular' unknowingly wears on the eyes and the brain. As an amateur photographer, I appreciate the simple, matter-of-fact style of your food photography. But more than that, I think you have a great way with words and food writing that manages to be very descriptive, evocative, yet also modest and simple.'s super inspiring to see an articulate foodie/student in action; I'm so glad there are other people out there who manage to be creative and knowledgable in the kitchen despite being provided with such meager resources.